Open Invitation

The EU-CIRCLE project invites researchers and stakeholders in the scientific domains of critical infrastructures, climate change and resilience to participate in the project. EU-CIRCE has developed an innovative framework for supporting the resilience of interconnected European Infrastructure’s to climate pressures [D3.4] [D4.1], supported by an end-to- end modelling environment [CIRP] where new analyses can be added anywhere along the analysis workflow and multiple scientific disciplines can work together to understand interdependencies, and jointly discuss present and past research results.

Stakeholders and researchers may become involved through any of the following means:

  • Providing tools for various phases of the analyses
  • Providing climate data
  • Proposing new algorithm schemes and models
  • Validating existing results
  • Participating in the final demonstration of the EU-CIRCLE framework

All these will be tested in a virtual environment [SimICI] created by the project
which represents interconnected infrastructures [energy, transportation, water] in realistic conditions.

For more information and ways to join, please contact :

Dr. Athanasios Sfetsos, EU-CIRCLE coordinator